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If you're looking to scrap your car in Newcastle, you can get a free quote today. Our Scrap My Car Newcastle service offers industry leading prices, fast and convenient collections and a simple and easy experience. Fill out your details below to get a quote for your scrap car.

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The Top Scrap My Car Service Newcastle

Our Scrap My Car Newcastle services offers the best prices and best possible customer experience. We understand what our customers value with our service, so we've engineered our business to work for our customers. Our customers love our simple and quick quoting service, and many are very pleasantly surprised to see the price they can get for their scrap car. Our team is very friendly and helpful and we make the entire process seamless and hassle free. At AJS Vehicle Recycling, we believe scrapping your car in Newcastle should be simple, so that's what we offer.

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Convenient Scrap a Car Service

When looking to scrap your car, choosing the right company can make a big difference to the price you're offered and the service you receive. At AJS Vehicle Recycling, our Scrap My Car Newcastle service is simple and convenient. We answer any questions you have, handle any paperwork and work around your schedule to ensure a suitable collection time. We're very reliable, punctual and professional and always make sure everything is just right for our customers. Our customers can choose to be paid for their scrap cars by either cash or bank transfer. So, if you're looking to scrap your car in Newcastle, contact AJS Vehicle Recycling today. We'd be happy to help.

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Recycling All Vehicle Types

We've collected a wide range of scrap vehicles in Newcastle, of all sizes and conditions. No matter your vehicle type, we can help. By submitting your details in our quotation form, you can get a fast, free, no obligation quote for your vehicle today.

Light grey car for scrapping


Large white van with sliding doors


Dark grey broken 4x4


Light grey car that failed its MOT

MOT Failures

Grey car that has extensive damage to the front

Damaged Vehicles

Broken blue taxi ready for scrapping

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Newcastle's Leading Scrap My Car Service

We're known throughout Newcastle and across the North East for our scrap a car service, and receive a lot of enquiries from customer recommendations. We're passionate about providing a service that is the best it can be for our customers and have received an incredible response. Our customers have commended us on our professionalism, our industry leading prices and our commitment to customer care. Our Scrap My Car Newcastle service has been utilised by countless local people and we can't wait to help many more people throughout Newcastle recycle their cars.

If you have a scrap car in Newcastle that you're looking to recycle, we'd be happy to help you. Please get in touch or submit your vehicle today for a free, no obligation quote. Whatever your vehicle or its condition; if you need to scrap your car in Newcastle, AJS Vehicle Recycling are here to help. We can't wait to hear from you.

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If you'd like a free quote for your vehicle, please fill our out form below or call us on 07418 011392. You'll have your quote in no time.

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